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Print Wick Structuring

A Whole New Approach

Porous MagicWick™ with strong capillary force can be made efficiently by stencil printing and quickly forming method (PWS™) in order to fabricate ultra-thin heat pipe plate or vapor chamber(VC) in mass production with high yield rate and low cost.

  • Stencil printing and quick forming for wick structuring
  • Designed for different thicknesses of wick structure in nanometer scale porosity
  • High capillary force to make high performance HP and VC devices
  • Ultra-thin heat pipe plate and Vapor Chamber (VC) in mass production and high yields rate can be achievable

Comparing to current wick structure made by micrometer-scale Copper Mesh, MgicWick™ has excellent porosity in nanometer-scale. Moreover, the thickness of MagicWick™ can be easily controlled by proprietary material and process technologies.

MagicWick™ enables ultra-thin heat pipe plate and vapor chamber to have excellent capability of heat liberation and heat conduction.