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Vacuum Insulation Sheet

Due to slim design on smartphone system, the spacing between CPU and skin of the casing will be super limited. The high density heat on the hot spot will be quickly propagating to the casing in Z-axis that causes the temperature on the skin of the casing raised quickly.

Once the skin temperature of casing reaches the design limitation(normally less than 45 degree C), the CPU throttling will be activated and the performance of the smartphone will be limited as well.

A Band-Aid for Hot-Spot

Nowadays in smartphone application, no any material in the world can be made into an ultra-thin sheet (~150um) along with enough thermal insulation capability to effectively stop the high density heat in CPU from propagating to skin of the casing in Z-Axis.

The ultra-thin (150um ) VIS™ with 50um vacuum space placed in between the hot spot and casing keeps the skin of casing in lower temperature. Too-early CPU throttling issue can be improved and higher performance operation can be achieved accordingly.

  • Paper-like thickness with ultra-thin vacuum space
  • Ultra-high heat insulation to prevent the heat coming form hot spot
  • Design flexibility for different shapes on demand
  • Lowering the case skin temperature and CPU can be boosting up at a higher operation frequency

Ultra-thin vacuum space in the VIS™ plays the key role to stop burning your hand.

Without VIS

With VIS