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A whole new thermal solution for 5G computing

For A Better 5G Computing World


Reduce Core Temperature

MagicWick-inside Slim Heat Pipe Plate technology dramatically reduces the core temperature of CPUs and GPUs.

Insulated Hot Spot

Hot spots generated by microprocessors can be insulted for low skin temperature and better user experience.

Boosted Performace

Computing speed is fully liberated. Higher throttling clock frequency. Fewer shut down cores.

Collective Cooling Operation

Thermal components working concurrently to liberate, Insulate, conduct and dissipate the heat more efficiently.

Long System Life

LICD Thermal Solution is so effective to improve both the life of system and battery

Lower Cooling Cost

Print wick structuring enables the slim heat pipe plate fabricated in low cost high yield rate and mass production


Innovative Solutions

LICD Collective Thermal Management Solution

Print Wick Structuring (PWS)

Vacuum Insulation Sheet (VIS)


Concurrent LICD Solution for Your 5G Computing Platform

NeoGene Tech provides thermal management solutions to 5G computing supply chain from system makers to thermal component suppliers to solve their heat challenges.